Equestrian surfaces

We are the UK’s number one aggregate supplier, with over 150 years’ experience and knowledge, as part of our extensive range Tarmac offer a superior menage surface with Topsport Equisand.

Specifically formulated for equestrian applications, including polo, eventing and racecourses, our products provide a consistently firm, free-draining surface.
Our range of specialist equestrian sands are suitable for polo pitches, gallops and menages as well as show jumping and dressage arena surfaces.

Sourced from our specialist sites in the UK, our sand quarries can produce the best quality classified washed silica sands for equestrian uses.



Show jumping



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About us

All Tarmac Topsport production sites are fully BSI accredited to ISO 14001 and have also achieved ISO 9001:2000, demonstrating our dedication to customer focus, effective processes and reducing waste.

Our team of specialists can advise and guide you, whatever you’re looking to achieve. Every project has its specific needs and thanks to first-rate technical support, we have the expertise to meet them.


Our products are specifically designed to encourage performance while keeping the welfare of the horse in mind. 
Engineered to endure the harshest of conditions our specialist equestrian surfaces are able to perform to a high standard all year round.

Loksand - fibre reinforced silica sand
The equestrian Loksand formulation delivers a consistently firm, free-draining, non-staining surface. Loksand is a unique crimped polypropylene fibre-stabilised system for use in sand dominated profiles. Suitable for a variety of applications, including polo pitches, racecourses and showjumping surfaces, in fact, any turf and equestrian sand surfaces which require enhanced structural strength to cope with high traffic volume or ride performance.

Specialist Sands
The Topsport range of classified silica sands, Loksand and Loksand Rootzone are designed to provide the perfect balance of drainage, aeration and moisture retention for specialist equestrian applications, such as menage surfaces, sand for gallops, show jumping and dressage arenas.


Our eventing range

Locksand Rootzone
Our Locksand range is the perfect product for cross-country and dressage courses as it can improves the overall surface quality by improving stability and reinforcing the surface for take-off and landing.It helps resist wear on high traffic areas allowing events to be carried out even in the most extreme conditions.

Specialist sands
Topsport Equisand's specialist silica sands can be applied to eventing arenas as well. Our dressage surface provides great stabilisation and sure footing for the horse but also accommodates drastic pace changes and complex moves. Topsports silica sand show jumping surface manages to provide great cushioning and support for the horse.
A show jumping surface must be able to take the brunt of the force and high traffic while maintaining quality throughout its life cycle and this surface does just that.

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Contact our experienced technical sales team to learn more about our range of specialist equestrian products. 


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Specialist equestrian sands

Our Equisand products cover a wide range of equestrian uses and can be used all year round, which is why Topsport is the perfect choice for eventing arenas. 

By utilising both Loksand and Loksand Rootzone and our range of washed classified Silica Sands we can create a versatile and effective eventing course which is unique to its environment.